Postcode-to-Postcode Service

We believe that your journey starts from when you set foot outside your door, or leave your desk, and only ends once you’ve reached your final location.

Instead of asking you to choose specific airports to travel between, we ask you where you will actually start and end your journey – whether a postcode, hotel, landmark, city or airfield. From this we can identify the most cost-effective and convenient airfields for your trip based on a number of factors, including the current locations of aircraft, repositioning costs, drive times, airfield charges, and opening hours. You can simply call us and we will compile an itinerary for you.

By taking the entire trip into consideration, we can offer our passengers a full concierge service that ensures a seamless journey from door-to-door. Supported by our technology and by taking everything under one roof, we remove the possibility for the kind of human miscommunication that riddles private aviation, so that you can rely on us and simply sit back and relax.

24/7 Real-Time Tracking

With most processes automated, we can work very closely with our service providers to make sure our customers receive the safest and most reliable service. Our Account Managers are on hand to help at any time, from the point of booking through to ensuring the passenger has reached their final destination and every step in between.

The combination of our 24/7 operations team and our dynamic technology enables us to track a journey in real-time, from letting the pilot know the customer is en route to the airfield, to informing the handling agents and ground transportation providers that the passenger will be arriving ahead or behind schedule. This hybrid approach allows us to keep on top of everything that could potentially affect a trip and to pre-emptively act accordingly: whether checking for potential problems with the aircraft’s schedule or tracking weather forecasts at the airfields. Whilst we can’t protect our customers against every eventuality, our experience and our rigorous checks, together with the range and number of aircraft within our fleet means we can do the utmost to ensure a smooth and safe flight for our passengers.


Eagle European’s Cessna 421 aircraft is ideally suited to carrying multiple soft bags in its accommodating nose storage bay. Longer items (as large as a pair of skis or two) can also be easily transported in the nose, while larger luggage can be accommodated in-cabin if necessary.

The normal rules on restricted items in bags and hand luggage still apply to private charter flights although a common sense attitude is applied. As a general rule of thumb, compressed, disabling or flammable gasses are not to be carried in hand luggage. As well as explosive or pyrotechnic devices, or poisons (including mercury or mercury filled devices).