Air Ambulance

Eagle European is proud to be working with both local and national local authorities for medical flights across the United Kingdom.

Our ops team is available 24/7 with the ability to launch within 90 minutes of flight confirmation.  Based at East Midlands Airport we are ideally situated in the heart of the midlands allowing rapid response to any location in the UK.

Our Cessna 421C is fully pressurized and operates up to 30,000 feet with a cruise speed of 250 mph and a range of 1,000 nautical miles

Time Critical Missions

The transport of donor organs is an area of operation that is particularly time critical. Whether we are carrying medical teams alongside the organs, or just the organs themselves, the ability to depart quickly is vital.

Air Ambulance flights take ‘CAT A’ priority in airspace, this is effectively an aircraft’s blue lights which allows ATC controllers to co-ordinate hospital flights with other commercial and private traffic. This gives the most direct routing as well as priority for airport departure and arrivals.

Industry-wide Collaboration

In hospital flight operations it’s never the efforts of just one organization.

Eagle European works closely with medical charter brokers, co-ordinators, handling agents, Air Traffic Control facilities as well as other aircraft charter companies.

With medical flights teams of people from all over the UK and beyond work together to make operations a success, in some cases as much as 5 aircraft can be co-ordinated for multiple transplant flights form a single donor.